The Art of Frogness

Eugenie Fernandes is the illustrator of Frogness. She created the pictures. This is a photo of little Eugenie when she lived on the north shore of Long Island in between salt water and fresh water . . . with the starfish and cattails and frogs. Eugenie’s memories of this special place helped her imagine and paint Frogness.

Making the art for a book is a long process with many steps. Below, see how Eugenie makes an illustration with pencil, pen, gesso, and finally colorful paints on canvas.

Step 1: Eugenie draws pictures in pencil.

Step 2: Eugenie transfers the drawing onto canvas. To get the image onto the canvas Eugenie uses transfer paper, tracing over a photocopy of the original.

Step 3: Eugenie uses a pen to trace, so she can see where she’s been. 

Step 4: Eugenie removes the papers. This is how the transferred image looks on the canvas.

Step 5: To intensify the image, Eugenie goes over it with a fine point Sharpie permanent  marker.

Step 6: Eugenie spreads on a thin coat of gesso (canvas color) to dim the black line.

Step 7: Now Eugenie starts painting. Sometimes she sprinkles salt on the wet paint to give it texture (sometimes the texture gets lost by the time she is finished).

Step 8: Then Eugenie paints . . .

Step 9: and paints some more until . . .

Step 10: The illustration is finished.

How beautiful!!