I Like the Weather Series

Sarah Nelson | Rachel Oldfield | Barefoot Books

Reviews | I Like the Weather Series

“You can almost hear the rush and gush of water as you read I Like the Rain. This is a wonderful picture book for reading aloud because of its lyrical rhyme and rhythm, which lends it a hypnotic and quietening quality, just like the sound of the rain itself…” —BookTrust

“This brightly illustrated picture book celebrates the joy that children take in snow, appreciating the sight of snowflakes, the sound of snow crunching underfoot, and the feel of snowflakes’ “icy kisses” on their noses…” Booklist

“Children can expand on the ideas in this slight celebration of weather; strong backmatter will answer their questions.” —Kirkus

“An editor once told me that children pick up a book because of the illustrations, but fall in love with it because of the words. And these words, rhythmic and lilting, using familiar words in a fresh way with true rhyme and slant rhyme together, are fun to read and evoke the child’s own experience.” —Lynne Jonell (The Sign of the Cat)


Sarah Nelson | Eugenie Fernandes | Owlkids Books

Reviews | Frogness

“Imaginative, delightful, and very froggy.”Kirkus

“This is a celebration of childhood nature exploring…” —Youth Services Book Review

Full of happy adventure and discovery, with lively storytelling from Sarah Nelson and deeply charming (and adorably frog-filled!) illustrations from Eugenie Fernandes, Frogness is a real delight to explore…” —Fab Book Reviews 

Sammy tells the story, and fills their tale with sights, sounds and joy. The illustrations add interest and appeal…” —Sal’s Fiction Addiction

“The illustrations are marvelous, and the idea of “frogness” just pulls me in. And there is … Back Matter! About frogs – how many, what their calls sound like, and how they sing, croak, rattle, peep, trill, trummm, and chuckle…” —Archimedes Notebook