Let Your Imagination Fly

Two Friends

I recently discovered that I have been writing stories even longer than I remember. Here is a page from one of my earliest picture books. It’s from a little stack of crayon drawings on ripped chunks of paper with text dictated to my mom — so that’s her handwriting.

Basically, two friends sit on rocks — different rocks — and sing or talk, or don’t talk, or play with their dogs who are pretend and that’s why they’re not in the pictures. It has some plot problems, but it’s a book about friendship . . . friendship and rocks.

If I could fly, written when I was about seven, may be my first fully bound picture book. I love that it’s about flying! I still sometimes daydream (and write) about flying.

If I could fly.

I would fly over the clouds.

fly fly fly!

If I could fly

I would fly over You.

(Hmm. Is that one of my big sisters?!)

Good bye!

(Love that last line!)

I like thinking that writing picture books is in my bones — that little me already knew her calling. It’s a lovely idea. But then again, we all have stories to tell. Some of us are lucky enough to tell our stories in books. Maybe you have stories you’d like to tell, too.

Let your imagination fly — fly over the clouds. Then work, work, work at your writing.

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