Free Downloadable Weather Poetry Frames

Anyone can write (or tell) a poem! There’s no right or wrong way, and poems don’t need to rhyme. Good poetry paints pictures with words. It makes us feel with our senses and our hearts.

One of the very best things my parents did to instill an early interest in writing was encourage me to draw pictures and tell stories about my pictures. Here is one of my absolute favorite picture-stories, featuring my dad in his signature plaid shirt and very hairy legs. Sometimes I made little “books” with text dictated to mom or dad. My poetry writing frames for children are inspired, in part, by this simple, loving practice. 

Before writing weather poems, read the I LIKE THE WEATHER series and ask children to tell you what they like about each type of weather. Then use the poetry frames to help children create their own weather poems. Coloring a picture first will help awaken children’s senses. Use the questions to generate more ideas.

Older children can write independently. Younger children can “tell a poem.” Use the questions one by one, writing as children speak, or you may only need to prompt children with: “What else do you like?” Here are additional things you can say to inspire poems. “Think of all the things you like about weather. Think of what you see and hear and feel. Think of how you love to play.” I hope you’ll try these writing activities with your kids and let me know how it goes!

Download the Poetry Frames