Rain Science

Explore these extras with the rain science at the end of I LIKE THE RAIN.

Water is always on the move. When the sun warms a body of water, like a lake, some of the water changes into vapor and rises up into the air. In the sky, water vapor cools into tiny droplets and forms clouds. When the droplets grow heavy, they fall to Earth as raindrops.

Rainbows appear when sunlight passes through rain at just the right angle. When this happens, raindrops act like this prism. They bend the sunlight, and the light separates into rainbow stripes

Powerful storms create electricity. When enough electricity builds up in a cloud, the electricity moves to another cloud or to the ground as a flash of lightning. Thunder is the sound that lightning makes when it suddenly heats and expands the air.

We need rain. It gives us fresh water to drink and grows the food that we eat each day. Rain water fills our lakes and rivers and makes our planet green.