I Like the Weather Reviews

“This brightly illustrated picture book (I Like the Snow) celebrates the joy that children take in snow, appreciating the sight of snowflakes, the sound of snow crunching underfoot, and the feel of snowflakes’ “icy kisses” on their noses. After the phrase “I like the snow,” which opens each verse, Nelson’s simply worded text rolls along in pairs of rhyming and near-rhyming couplets, which are different enough in structure and content to sound fresh…Oldfield’s pleasing, richly colorful acrylic paintings feature a diverse group of kids enjoying many forms of snow-related fun…this volume is well suited to reading aloud during winter-themed classroom units for young children.” —Booklist

“An editor once told me that children pick up a book because of the illustrations, but fall in love with it because of the words. And these words, rhythmic and lilting, using familiar words in a fresh way with true rhyme and slant rhyme together, are fun to read and evoke the child’s own experience…Far too few (books for children) actually look at the world through a young child’s eyes, while at the same time opening up that world in a way just right for their developmental level. I Like the Rain is one of the few.” Lynne Jonell, author of Time Sight